How to Claim Land with Grief Prevention on PeaceCraft


Welcome to PeaceCraft, where your creativity can flourish. In this guide, you’ll discover how to safeguard your creations by claiming land. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned player, these insights will help you enjoy a seamless experience on PeaceCraft.

You will get 100 claimable block per one hour of playtime, up to a maximum of 10,000 claimable block. You can also use `/buyclaim` to purchase each block at $200 up to 3,000 block maximum.

Getting Started: Crafting and Marking Your Land

Start by crafting a golden shovel using one stick and one gold ingot. This shovel is your key to claiming land on PeaceCraft. Here’s how to mark your land:

  • First Corner: Right-click one corner of the area you want to claim with the golden shovel.
  • Second Corner: Right-click the opposite corner to set both corners and finalize your claim.
  • Defining Your Claim: Once marked, a chat confirmation will appear, allowing you to name your claim using the /trust [your username] command.

Managing Your Claim: Expansion, Trust, and More

PeaceCraft offers flexibility in managing your land. You can expand or redefine your claim by marking new corners with the golden shovel. Here are some essential tools for control:

  • Expanding Your Claim: Follow the same process as initial marking.
  • Trusting Players: Use /trust [player] to allow others to interact within your claim.
  • Removing Trust: Revoke permissions with /untrust [player].
  • Additional Commands: Utilize /abandonclaim, /trustlist, and /subdivideclaims to delete, list trusted players, or subdivide your claim.

Conclusion: Build and Explore with Confidence

Claiming land is a simple yet essential aspect of playing on PeaceCraft. It ensures a pleasant, grief-free experience as you build and explore. If you ever have questions or need assistance, our server staff is here to help.

Happy building and exploring!

Watch and Learn: A Visual Guide to Claiming Land

For those who prefer a visual guide, this YouTube video will walk you through the process of claiming land in just two minutes (Start at 1:54, ends at 4:00)

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