How to install Complementary Shaders for Minecraft

Complementary shaders are one of the popular shaders being used by many well known Minecraft YouTubers and content creators, it is also PeaceCraft admin’s favorite’s shader packs due to it’s visual appealing and unique look.

Complementary shaders come in two style, the one we like it best are the Reimagined style, but you can choose the one you prefer during later installation part.

Install with Complementary Installer

To use the official installer, you will first has to install Java on your windows, and make sure to select add to path when the option is shown.

Java installer download:

Next, go to Complementary shaders official website and download their installer.

Complementary Installer:

Then double click the download jar file installer and select the style you want to install:

Finally start your Minecraft Launcher and you will notice you now have a new profile with Iris & Sodium as shown in the screenshot, just press play to start.

Enjoy Minecraft with Improved Visuals

This is how it will looks like once you have it install and running properly.

You can also modify more video settings in the option to get the best look you prefer!

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