PeaceCraft Survival Item Progression Guide

Welcome to our evolving guide, a compass in your Minecraft journey on our server. Expect frequent updates as we introduce new items, mobs, and exciting additions to our survival servers.

Let’s dive into the basics. You’ve likely noticed the abundance of custom ores scattered around. These ores aren’t your typical blocks and can’t be mined with just any pickaxe. In fact, some of them demand a mightier pickaxe to extract their treasures.

These unique ores serve another purpose as well – crafting. With them, you can forge pickaxes, headpieces, chestplates, leggings, and boots, all tailored to enhance your abilities and push your survival experience to new heights.

Custom Ores Tier

Ore NameWhere to findLevel to find
Mythril OreOverworld-32~32
Orichalcum OreOverworld-32~32
Titanium OreOverworld-32~32
Iridium OreThe End-200~100
Uranium OreThe End-200~100
Mythril Ore

Pickaxe Requires to Mine

For Mythril Ore you will need Netherite Pickaxe, then for Orichalcum you’ll need Mythril Pickaxe, and so on.

Crafting Custom Items from Mined Ingots

You can craft Chestplate, Pickaxe, Sword, Headpiece, Leggings with the custom ores, however they may not show up in your recipe sometimes, but you can just drag them into the pattern and it should be able to craft these items.

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